Josie Thomas

Josie Thomas has been a classroom teacher for many decades and has taught all ages from pre-school to Year 12. She began as an assistant looking after pre-schoolers and soon realized that teaching young children was very satisfying for her.

After training and several years in primary classrooms, Josie embarked on a Bachelor of Music Education at the University of Melbourne, majoring in piano and singing. This led her into secondary schooling where she specialized in music. Josie also taught Social Studies, Health and English.

In 2008, Josie opened her own successful piano studio, Piano Lessons Plus.

Josie uses many puppets in her piano lessons, who help in all sorts of ways like keeping beats, and finding rests!

Not satisfied with the quality of children’s picture books available with a music and arts theme, Josie decided to write her own. Coincidentally, she fortuitously came across the most amazing illustrator for her concepts, Riley Van Oosten!

Josie’s family has a tradition of writing poetry about family members for special occasions. Now she has expanded this to publishing exciting children’s books, which include a focus on all the arts, with a strong emphasis on encouraging creativity.

Fabulously catchy songs have been commissioned about “Sounds Magic” and are available for downloading.